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Textploitation: Tiny Texts for Learning English

When learning a language, it is so important that you are reading a lot of different types of texts. One of the biggest challenges for any learner is finding those texts. Our aim is to provide our subscribers with a range of tiny texts so they can learn at their own pace, reading as many or as few as they want at any one time. 

Each text comes with a task so that while you're reading, you're also learning new grammar, vocabulary and skills. 

You can even leave a comment with your answers and your own texts to get feedback from us, and our amazing community of readers from around the world.

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Who are we?

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Mark Heffernan


Mark Heffernan has taught English for over 16 years, spending many of those years focusing on exam teaching. In 2016, he moved to Queen Mary University where he teachers EAP, is a materials writer and a module convenor. Together, he and David have written a popular blog and a teachers resource book, called Textploitation. Besides teaching, his main interest is creating and releasing music.


David Byrne


David has worked in EFL for over a decade and in that time has taught all the ages, levels and exams he could find. He’s worked in Ireland, England, Spain and South Korea but the majority of his career has been spent in London. There, he has worked for a number of schools but mostly for EC, where he has been teacher, aDoS, DoS and most recently Curriculum Manager. In his free time he also writes stories for his little boy…who doesn’t seem that interested in them.

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